4 First Steps to Site Promotion

If you’re in the process of building a website for the company you work for or even for your own business, you are probably already wondering about profitable website promotion. While it’s not complicated, there are some things that you should do to get your website noticed. Here are four steps to promoting your website.


Yahoo, Google, and MSN all have directories where you can register your site, and you should send in your domain name as soon as it’s available. You don’t even need to have your website up and running. This gives the search engines time to send out spiders to determine that your domain name is real and isn’t a scam site.


There are several ways to optimize your search results for profitable website promotion. One of those is to make sure the text in your website contains search terms that people are going to use when looking for your business type. Caveat: these descriptions (or articles) must be reader-friendly and relevant, otherwise your site will get no attention or even be blacklisted.


This is when other people link to your website. This tells the search engines that your site is important. Trading links doesn’t work, however, and is one more way you can get kicked.


You can also write articles for others to post for free on their website, and trade them article for backlinks. Again, this writing must be purposeful and clear for profitable website promotion. If you don’t write well–and many of us don’t–hire a professional to do it. You might pay $100 for something that brings you unlimited opportunity.

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