Difficult Days for Small Business Bookkeeping

Many small businesses, home businesses and contractors are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their bookkeeping requirements in addition to their normal work activities. Today, it seems there is way to much pressure being put upon individuals small businesses to succeed in a time when many countries are experiencing negative economic conditions.

In this time of great stress governments worldwide are also looking to small business to once again pull their countries out of the financial soup to which they are in. Over the past couple of decades the financial landscape has been flooded with massive time consuming financial software. A lot of this Software can be accredited for most of the confusion many small businesses experience when attempting to maintain their financial records.

More and More Bookkeeping Tasks

We have found that many of the accounting products on the market today have come from the era of thinking when we believed in the concept of having more. This thinking has somehow taught us that having more of a good thing is always going to be better than not having enough.

Of course there are industries where this concept is powerful, where this idea of more has helped to shape some of the wonderful advances in areas such as science and health.

However it is a concept that somehow found its way into conference rooms of large accounting corporations and for some reason many executives picked up on this idea and applied it to their accounting software products.

So many of these products have become so stuffed and crammed full of useless features, tools, graphs and many unimportant reports that the average individual small business owner is now so overwhelmed and confused by all these extra features. Due to this confusion there is a critical mass of business owners that they no longer feel in control of their businesses.

What Is Needed

What Small Business needs is a back to basics approach to accounting, an approach that enables the small business owner to be in control of all their business finances. It’s time to do away with double entry accounting and this mindless endless mountain of reports.

If you don’t believe anything I have said above then a quick search of Google will provide you with more than enough evidence. In fact you will find companies today that pride themselves on providing you with more reports than their competitors. They actually use this as a sales point that their software is bigger and more laborious than their competitors. Somehow they feel that these extra reports which are simply twisting the same information over and over are suddenly going to make you more money.

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